MakeCode Arcade Stencilr

This tool takes a MakeCode Arcade image and turns into a set of pixelated images and stencils. Turn them into bead patterns, cut out the stencils and use them to paint your image!


Print the generated image at full scale (100%, no "fit to page") as a guide to recreate this image in beads.

Knitting and stitching

Use the generated image with to generate stitching, knitting patterns.

Pix Bricks

Use the generated image with to pixelate art your drawing!

LEGO bricks

Print these patterns to rebuild your drawings using LEGO bricks.

Nothing yet... click generate.

Laser cutting

Copy the source of a MakeCode Arcade image into the textbox below and click generate to turn it into DXF stencils.

Use a laser cutter, Cricut or hobby stencil to cut out the stencils. If you have a water cutter, you can cut any metal too.

Paint each layer with color markers or spray paints, you can also paint t-shirts.

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